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The flexibility of our platform is what really excites us. Being able to login to the site on any given night and see a wide range of different broadcasts is what we really love. Shows from bedrooms, living rooms, established venues, DIY venues, professional music studios and so on. In this blog, we wanted to showcase just exactly how polished Concert Window shows can look from a professional recording facility.

Blue Rock Artist Ranch and Studio in Wimberley, Texas, is an incredible, beautiful studio that is taking full advantage of their existing setup, and pairing it with the broadcasting technology that Concert Window offers. With the capacity to deliver studio quality audio and industry standard HD video quality, the team at Blue Rock are paving the way for independently run recording facilities to monetize whilst artists are in session with them.

You can read more about the Blue Rock philosophy here, but check out the videos below to get a feel for just how high-quality broadcasts from this environment can be.

If you're heading into the studio anytime soon, this might be something to consider. You'll be in an environment with all the sound equipment you could need and more, and if you can hook up a camera or two, who knows? You might just be able to cover some, if not all of the recording expenses by sharing that experience with your fans.

Blue Rock on Concert Window

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