5 For Friday: Sep 5th 2014


"There are two kinds of music. Good music, and the other kind." - Duke Ellington

We're very fortunate, at Concert Window, that we get to work with some great musical talent from all corners of the globe. We know that you can't always find the time to tune into live shows, so we decided that we are going to post five great artists we really love each Friday to give you something to browse at your leisure and discover great new music.

Bruce Hornsby.

If you haven't heard Bruce Hornsby, your ears have never digested music. Simple as that.

The Duhks.

Canada's premier neo-tradsters romp from world-beat to blues, urban-pop to old-timey, with wild-eyed invention, haunting traditionalism, and spine-rattling groove. The Duhks will be broadcasting live from the amazing Blue Rock Studio in Texas next Thursday. Do not miss it.

David Moss.

Originally from Peoria, IL, David Moss began his musical journey playing cello and singing in various formats from a very young age. After receiving a degree in cello performance from the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), he moved to Austin, TX in 2007 where he immediately formed with the trio The Blue Hit. There, David attended the Kerrville Folk Festival, and before long was playing guitar and writing songs. By the summer 2011, he was a finalist in the prestigious New Folk competition and went on to become a winner.


From Manchester England, this band of gentlemen waited a long time to get the distinction they deserved but, following the release of their 4th album, The Seldom Seen Kid, in 2008, a flurry of awards and a whole load of media attention followed and the band have never looked back.

Maeve Gilchrist and Nic Gareiss.

Michigan-born percussive dancer, Nic Gareiss and Scottish harpist Maeve Gilchrist met while both teaching at the Shasta Fiddle Camp in Northern California. They continued their musical relationship with spontaneous collaborations at festivals and chance meetings and later toured together as part of Darol Anger's band, 'The Furies'.

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