Everyone is working hard at Concert window to continue to expand our community of artists and refine the platform to ensure it is the best it can be for our ever-growing pool of users. We have some exciting new features in the pipeline, and we can't wait to get them out into the world for you all to experience.

One thing has been on our mind for a while now, and we need your help to make our dream a reality. We want Bruce Hornsby to do a Concert Window show. We could just write to him and ask, but where's the fun in that? We want the good people of the world to unite and let Bruce know his Concert Window show would be by popular demand. Bruce Hornsby is, without doubt, the greatest Bruce in world. What about Springsteen or Willis, you say? Forget it. What about Bruce Lee? Don't be silly, Hornsby would kick all their asses and then write a hit song about it!

If you bump into Bruce Hornsby on the street, tell him Concert Window needs him. If you see Bruce Hornsby in a bar, buy him a beverage on us (we will reimburse you via Paypal within 24hrs). If you know Bruce Hornsby personally, tell him to tell his people to call our people. If you see Bruce Hornsby at the basketball, say "Hey, Bruce Hornsby - you should do a Concert Window show."

Concert Window needs Bruce Hornsby! Spread the word good people - we won't leave any stone unturned!

We're fr*ckin' serious!


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  • Sep 9
    Together we can make this happen!
  • Sep 9
    This is the 3rd most commented on blog on the site. That's pretty much viral by our standards.
  • Sep 10
    Wow! Just listened to the video and he and his band are amazing!! Concert Window just gave them another big fan!~
  • Sep 21
    Suspect that sooner rather later Bruce will log in and start reading the comments here. Bruce please, we need you! If its not too much to ask. Would you please include a piece that was inspired by Jerry and the Boys??!!
  • Sep 21
    Looking foreword to this one!!
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