5 For Friday: Aug 29th 2014


"There are two kinds of music. Good music, and the other kind." - Duke Ellington

We're very fortunate, at Concert Window, that we get to work with some great musical talent from all corners of the globe. We know that you can't always find the time to tune into live shows, so we decided that we are going to post five great artists we really love each Friday to give you something to browse at your leisure and discover great new music.


Founding members of the groundbreaking acoustic band, Cadillac Sky, Matt Menefee and Ross Holmes have been composing and creating since their first brief encounter together years ago. ChessBoxer is the result of a mutual desire to inform the good folks that instrumental music is not a mere sleep aid, but more like an exciting novel, a captivating story that engages all levels of emotion. When the boys aren't duetting around, you can catch Matt with Brent Anderson and Ross with Mumford and Sons (just another couple of ways to satisfy your inner sonic happy place)! These two beasts of bluegrass, etc. recently played an incredible hour-and-a-half-long show on Concert Window, and we're their biggest new fans.

Aliza Carter Band.

Aliza Carter band are a brother and sister band from Memphis, TN, living in Nashville. According to their website, they met in the kitchen at their mom's house... and it's been good-toned times ever since. Sure sounds good to us!

Robby Hecht.

“When I’m writing by myself, something can take three years until I get past my own self-editing phase,” says Hecht about his meticulous approach. “Everything I write, I’m trying to capture some kind of truth that I haven’t heard anyone say in that way before.” says Robby. All we know is he's a bloody good songwriter and a damn nice guy to boot!


You might know them as the dudes who scammed Spotify by releasing a silent record and getting people to stream it all night long, which resulted in them making a tidy profit. We know them as geniuses. A genius stunt by genius musicians, and the music speaks for itself. We wrote to Vulfpeck to do a Concert Window a while ago...still no word back. We live in hope.

Charles Bradley.

Charles was in his 60s before he released his first record under his own name. We could go into great depth about the myth and mystery of the great Charles Bradley, but you should probably just check out the documentary about his life for yourself. If you can get through it without crying, you'll have done better than us. A real triumph of a music documentary. The man is incredible.

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  • Sep 4
    I love me some Charles Bradley. Nice writedown.
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