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Are you interested in broadcasting a show on Concert Window and using your own production setup instead of the built-in laptop camera?

That’s great – here’s how to interface with our system.

First, you’ll need a way to get video and audio into the computer (we recommend a desktop with quad-core processor). For video we recommend an HDMI or SDI cable out of the camera(s) into a live capture card like the Blackmagic Intensity Pro. For audio we recommend an 1/8” line-in from the soundboard into the computer, but there are plenty of other ways to do it. For example, a USB audio interface like the Focusrite Scarlett will work.

Once video and audio have been brought into the computer, you can use encoding software like Flash Media Live Encoderor Wirecast to actually upload the live stream to our servers.

Where do you send the stream? Once you’ve scheduled your show on Concert Window, visit your Broadcast page and choose the "RTMP" tab. Copy that RTMP URL and Stream Name into FMLE or Wirecast and it will pre-load the stream destination, which will send it directly to us.

We’ll handle the rest, including ticketing, video delivery to desktop/mobile, and live support.

Once you’ve scheduled a show, you can also do a private test stream, so you can troubleshoot all your equipment before showtime.

The masters of this style of broadcasting are our good friends at Blue Rock Studio in Texas. Check out the team in action and enjoy this stunning performance from Concert Window favorites The Oh Hellos.

Stay Classy!

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  • Sep 1
    Media encoder, I meant...
  • Apr 29
    On one of CW's Help pages, Open Broadcaster Software is mentioned, yet you don't include that here. Why is that? I'm using a MacBook Pro (OS X 10.11, El Capitan). Is there a reason Open Broadcaster wouldn't work as well as Adobe FMLE?
  • Apr 22
    You've provided information on a video interface that works well for Concert Window, but no information on some example CAMERAS that work with that interface. Can you provide any information of that sort? We'd like to use a decent setup and have higher quality video, but know little about video cameras. I'm a still photographer and have high-end still cameras, but don't have any idea about what cameras handle live video that'd be compatible with the Black Magic inputs.
  • Sep 20
    You need a capture card for each camera. I use the Blackmagic MicroRecorder (about $150 each), which has both HDMI and 3G/SDI inputs going to Thunderbolt 2. Since I only have two Thunderbolt ports, I also use an AJA U-Tap to convert SDI video from a third camera to USB. If your still cameras can output 720p MP4 video, you are good to go. I like SDI connectors because they are locking; I've had a problem with HDMI connectors pulling out accidentally. I use Wirecast software for switching and encoding.
  • Feb 20
    Is there a way to improve the stream audio quality? Using the same obs setup that I do for Youtube and Facebook but CW doesn't sound as good as either (even FB that is only mono) hope I'm missing something.
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