Artist Troubleshooting


This is a troubleshooter for artists using our web broadcaster with either onboard mic/cam and/or USB mic/preamp/cam. Artists who attempt to use a third party encoder program or a capture device do so at their own risk.

For starters, make sure that the computer:

  • Is fairly new, 2010 model or later Mac, 2012 or later PC

  • Has an upload speed of over 1Mbps (1.5+ is ideal)

  • Has no other programs running (especially DAW’s like Logic or Pro Tools)

  • Has a strong WiFi signal or is wired into the router/modem

  • Is using either the latest version of Firefox (with the latest version of flash) or Chrome

  • Has given permission to Flash to use the camera and mic (you can find this box by right clicking in the broadcast window)

If all this checks out, most of the time all that’s needed is a restart of the computer, or maybe even just the browser. If Firefox doesn’t work, try Chrome. If Chrome doesn’t work, try Firefox.

Double check that you are logged into the right account and have the correct date selected.

Still having problems?

  • Some mics and cameras will need drivers installed ( the Blue snowball sometimes does)

  • Plugging USB cameras/mics into a different USB port will cause them to reinitialize, which may help.

  • Make sure the correct mic/cam are selected in both system preferences/control panel, and on the broadcaster interface.

  • Make sure audio isn’t clipping, both on the browser, audio interface, and system settings/mixer

Choppy or out of sync video? Try changing the video resolution to medium or low. Lower resolution is less strain on the computer and runs smoother on slower connections.

  • Aug 28
    Why can I only get signal from channel 1 of my fire studio to appear in the soundcheck, even though I see/hear signal on all of the other channels?
  • Nov 16
    I have been trying to do a video and sound check and keep getting an error that indicates the ConcertWindow web page either is not there or is not responding. Is there any other way to do a video and sound check?
  • Mar 22
    I also am having the problem of only channel 1 coming through the soundcheck even though all channels have audio. Although I have a TonePort UX8 - same problem. Anyone find an answer yet? Thanks!
  • Aug 7
    Further question. If video is out of sync with sound on a sound check would the same problem occur on a live broadcast??
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