Sometimes We Surprise Ourselves


We at Concert Window work hard...most of the time. Some of the time, we just order spring rolls and sit about talking about our design consultant, Elliot. He told us he was going to Berlin for a few months, but just this morning, we discovered he was in Istanbul. Incase your unsure, Istanbul is 1,736 kilometers from Berlin. Thats a 22-hour drive. So who knows exactly where Elliot is going, or if he will ever return - we hope he does.

Anyways, back to the point. We work hard, and we have been working hard on one particular project recently. We introduced "tip rewards", we decided to give artists a bigger cut of the revenue from each show, and we introduced highlight videos, but today sees the launch of possibly our greatest achievement to date...


Yes, people! We have worked tirelessly and galvanized all the powers of the internet to create THE SIGN UP BUTTON.

"Great Odin's raven, a new button," I hear you cry. "What does this button do, pray tell guardians of the window?! How will this effect the sign up flow?"

Well, here's the deal, people. It means, if you are new to Concert Window, you can now...sign up. Yup. Get signing. Before you could simply login, now you can...sign up.


Oh! And you can login with "The Facebook".

  • Aug 17
    Do I sense sarcasm in your tone towards our revolutionary new button?
  • Jun 30
    Egads, I have not noticed! How, you may ask, have I not noticed? Eh, I'm a tepid, at best, techie and, frankly, rely on Odin's Raven to deliver most of my social media. THUMBS to your accomplishment, and as soon as I find it, I will test that FB button with actual FB people. Ta-ta! Thanks for all the stuff! I'm off to delve into the confusion. I hope your friend comes/came back. I tend to worry. Smiles, C!
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