Set The Scene


If you choose to broadcast on Concert Window, you’re essentially getting the chance to be as creative as you want for the duration of your show, so take advantage of that. Yeah, it’s probably easiest to broadcast from your bedroom, and that’s pretty neat, but if you get the opportunity to do something a little different, GO FOR IT!

We’ve had some pretty unique broadcasts in the past, including Phoebe Hunt’s famous broadcast from the baggage claim at a New York airport. A number of artists have also broadcast from backstage at venues and festivals. Here are a few recent examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Tubaluba are playing brass instruments in the street and maxing out on carnival vibes.

Mipso can be seen here broadcasting from a garden in Brooklyn. The guys overcame some lighting issues buy buying a lamp at a hardware store and clamping it to the neighbors fence. We think it turned out pretty well for a one mic & one lamp set up.

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