It’s easy to start thinking that because you are broadcasting a live show on the internet you have to get super technical and geeky with your sound configuration. Truth is, you don’t. Sure, if you are broadcasting a full rock band from a recording studio you might have to take a few extra steps, but if you are an acoustic artist, duo or band, it doesn’t need to be as complicated as you might think.

Broadcast with the simplest audio set up possible. Every time you add a link in the chain between you and the audience, that’s something you have to worry about. You don’t need to run your vocals through a massive effects rack, you don’t need to mic up your guitar with multiple microphones. Capture the sound of the room in the simplest and purest way possible. One good quality mic positioned correctly and set at the correct levels will do you more good than 5 microphones getting in your way and messing with the vibe of your performance.

Here are a few of the best examples of Concert Window community artist who really strip back the tech and allow the performance to shine.

Heather Robb and Kai Welch are performing here as stripped-back as you can get. A laptop sitting on the piano. What you’re hearing is the sound in the room picked up from the laptops built in mic and the video is from the built in camera. The duo are able to convey the essence of the show without worrying about tech. Intimate and beautiful, we like that.

Tyler Stenson displays a great example in this video of what can be achieved with a single condenser microphone. As you can see in this video, Tyler has a single microphone set up but it’s positioned in a way that’s picking up his acoustic guitar and his vocals perfectly. The levels are immaculate and the performer really gets the space to breath. He didn’t need to mic the vocals then plug the guitar in or amp the guitar - acoustically, with the correct mic technique he was able to capture the performance perfectly. Tyler added a touch of reverb to his sound buy running the mic through this effects pedal. Remember, If you are using an external mic you will have to select it as the input in your computers system preferences.

Six musicians, one microphone. The Revelers really blew us all away with this performance. This was all captured on one microphone, just like Tyler did. The guys set the microphone up far enough away from the band and played with dynamics. Listening to each other, playing quietly when needed and louder when the music asked for it. Just because you have a drum kit in your band doesn’t mean you can’t play on Concert Window. Approach it like these guys. Some of the greatest recordings of all time have been captured on a single microphone, so what’s to say you can’t do that to. Take the time to get the levels right and play with awareness. It’s a skill for sure, but it’s much more rewarding than trying to rig up 20 microphones.

Here are a few links to some gear that we highly recommend.

USB mic for a plug-in-and-play.

Audio interfaces & Condenser microphone

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