Do it! Do it! Do it! Interact with your audience. By interacting with your audience, you are making them feel special and letting them be a part of the fun. With so many TV shows, movies, video platforms at everyone's fingertips, why should they tune in and watch a Concert Window show? Artist to fan interaction - that's why.

Ask your viewers where they are watching from, ask them for requests, ask them anything you like, dedicate songs to them. The more you can do to make your audience feel special and valued, the more they will take away from the show and be inclined to watch your next performance. Concert Window gives you the chance to get intimate and try new things in a way you don’t often get in a normal venue, so take full advantage of it. You and your audience will come away feeling great.

  • Aug 7
    Check the chat after every song, but don't make talking sessions TOO long. Run sweepstakes, talk about things you have on the wall, but most important of all: get a cat.
  • Nov 15
    is there any way to add another person to an artist's profile, so that that other person can then act as moderator and field questions, requests etc...for the artist.
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