Tip Rewards


Tip rewards are a great way to engage your audience and reward them for tipping a little higher. In many cases, we have seen that setting a tip reward has increased show revenue by 30%. You can set a tip reward when you login to your artist dashboard. When a viewer tips the required amount, you can send them a special reward. For example:

  • Tip $3 and get two mp3’s of previously unreleased tracks.

  • Tip $8 and I’ll send you my latest album in mp3 format.

  • Tip $30 and I’ll send you a personal hand written lyric sheet to any song of your choice.

  • Tip $60 and you can get on the guest list to my show next time I play in your town.

  • Tip $150 and you can get my entire back catalogue in mp3 format and a signed photo & T shirt.

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