The Scottish Situation: Aug 4th - 8th


No, we're not talking about the independence debate or the Commonwealth Games. We're talking music! When it comes to music, Scotland has a rich and diverse heritage of the stuff, and as a small nation, the Scots have played a huge part on the global music stage, influencing other cultures and inspiring millions around the world. Yes, the country is famed for it's bagpipes, kilts, and questionable diet choices, but when it comes to music, Scotland plays host to a wealth of forward thinking musicians, writers and composers.

Concert Window are proud to bring such artists to the international stage, in our own cyber-gig kind of way. From some of the leading voices in the traditional scene, to an indie songwriter who swapped Lewis for Los Angeles, we have 12 great shows lined up from August 4th to August 8th that will showcase just some of this wee nation's brilliance. Are we excited? Erm.....YES!

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Here are just a few of the acts you can look forward to.

Emily Smith

3 Blind Wolves

Aaron Wright

The Scottish Situation

  • Aug 11
    This was great! I had to miss some of my favorites due to the time difference, but the ones I was able to watch were wonderful! Please make this happen again, eh?
  • Aug 19
    Loved this
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