Heather Robb & Kai Welch Need Your Help


Hey everyone,

Our good friends Heather Robb & Kai Welch need your help! The pair are out in Oregon at the moment, and have just finished a musical adventure rafting down Snake River through the heart of Hells Canyon. Annoyingly, some a**hole broke into their car last night and stole a bunch of musical equipment. Heather's autoharp is gone and a bunch of Kai's gear, too.

We've come to the conclusion that Heather might be the unluckiest traveler we have ever met. As you may know, her band, The Spring Standards, were broken into a few months back. The band did a fundraising show on Concert Window to help raise the money to buy emergency instruments and keep the tour alive. It was a rousing success - the band was able to replace their equipment and keep the tour going!

Well...on Thursday, June 31st at 9:30PM EDT, Heather & Kai will be playing a special duo show in order to raise some money to help them get some gear back. We hope you can all tune in and support two of our favorite musicians. Undoubtedly, it will be an amazing show, and they will remember and appreciate your support forevermore.

Show some love, Concert Windowers!

Check out the show

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