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Greetings, friends! It’s been all go here at Concert Window and we figured we should give you an update about what's been keeping us busy. We recently finished our spell at Techstars NYC, the number one accelerator program for startup businesses. During the program, we got to work from the beautiful Times Square office that Techstars operate from. Since finishing, we have moved back to our original space in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. We had an incredible time at at Techstars and learned so much, but we’re glad to not have to battle the sea of tourists every day up at Time Square. Sorry tourists…

New features:

The homepage has been getting a bit of a facelift recently, with Jon and Elliot working 'round the clock to tweak everything into shape. We’re pretty stoked about the way things are shaping up and are continuing to introduce new features as frequently as we can. Just over the weekend, we introduced the ability for artists to save a highlight video of their show. If you choose to create a highlight video, it will be saved on our site for all your fans to watch after the show, and it might even be featured on the homepage.

The new 70% artist payment split has been in operation for about a month now and we’re really happy with the way things are going. We love our artists and want to make Concert Window the easiest, most friendliest, most fairest live-streaming platform we can. With 70% of show revenue going straight to the artist, we feel like we’re taking care of that.

As ever we have been trying our hardest to be witty on the internet and you can see real solid evidence of that over on our Instagram feed. We started employing a team of 64,000 social media experts from all corners of the globe to help us ramp up our social media presence. As it turns out. pictures of animals doing bizarre things translates in all languages and people, in general, are mildly amused by this kind of content. Go follow @ConcertWindow on Instagram for random photos of squirrels playing pianos and occasionally updates about music-related things.

Think thats all for now, We’ll be sure to keep you posted about what sweet features our Jedi Knight of programming, Jon Daily, builds into the site in the next couple of weeks, and stay tuned for the amazing shows we have coming up in the next few months!

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