From The Artist: Jenny O'Connor


My sister and I were delighted by our first experience with Concert Window and we booked a follow up concert shortly after. I'm not very tech savvy, so I was very happy with how easy Concert Window is to use. Before trying it, I was a little tentative that it might feel strange performing to my laptop, but it really feels like our friends, fans, and family spread out from India to Germany to Texas were all with us in one spot for a musical experience. We were even able to sell merch to our crowd thanks to Concert Window's creativity. After years of travel and touring to stay connected with listeners this is a revolutionary feeling indeed!

-Jenny O'Connor

  • May 17
    I really enjoyed both your shows and think concert window is a great way to watch live music shows.
  • May 18
    The first Show was great and funny. I missed the second. ;-((((( When is the next show?
  • May 19
    Enjoyed the first show, missed the second. When is the next? Great thing this concert window. Being able to watch concerts without leaving home!
  • May 21
    Looking forward to your next show!
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