Menni's Picks: May 5 - 11

By Menno Peeters - May 5, 2014


Hello concert buddies,

The past week has been delicious. Mentioned picks aside - top 10 of the year worthy Phoebe - I found myself surprised by a couple of memorable performances. First there was dark and moving Rony's Insomnia, proving that with correct soundboard settings this platform is suitable for loud bands too. And just now I stumbled into light and relaxing Miwa Gemini's set, with three lovely ladies, a trumpet and a song in Japanese, now that's a first! Highlight of the week was Caitlin Marie Bell's cat, swinging his paw at the guitar, causing a false note, a smile and an apology. Plus a new fan, because her music brought me to tears.

Many more amazing discoveries are on the way.

These are my picks for the week of May 5-11, all times EDT:

Mon 8:00pm - David Ippolito
One of the most essential viewings on Concert Window, That Guitar Man from Central Park got his own weekly show now, chewing gum, having fun, often with a guest artist. There's unmatched interaction with a chock-full chat, constructive thinking on how to improve the experience and of course, a stream of highly entertaining tunes like Tom Cruise Scares Me, The Religion Song and many other instant classics.

Tue 9:00pm - The Lost Keys
More from The Big Apple! A cappella groups appear on here quite regularly, so it's about time we put one in the spotlight. The Lost Keys have pretty much all food groups represented, a wide variety of characters who have one thing in common: they sing, from Radiohead to One Direction.

Wed 9:00pm - Sami & Sarah
They play music together. But they're not both girls. Note to artists: provide a little more information, although it's fascinating to find out how many Samis & Sarahs are available online, doing all sorts of cute things. Tonight's performers fit that bill as well: they have a nice repertoire of lighthearted goodness, like Biscuits & Jelly - (

Thu 8:00pm - Eric Stone
Anyone who calls their performance unplugged, should know how to properly rock. Eric Stone probably does, although he's more of a laid-back sailor, playing Nautical Americana, the breeziest genre ever invented. Free song download with every ticket!

Fri 9:00pm - Hal Ketchum
Back at The Bugle Boy and this one is sure to raise the volume to 11: irresistible country by a great guy, foot tapping guaranteed. He also breathes quite some eighties and then ya got me.

Sat 7:00pm - Gina Holsopple
She grew up as a Mennonite. I rest my case.

Sun 2:00pm - Mother's Day with Christine Lavin
Love those no-brainers! Caffe Lena hasn't been mentioned so far, but it's another great great venue, also the oldest coffeehouse in America. And if the Queen of Concert Window shows up for this special day, you simply gotta be there. Sean Altman will be opening, leading up to loads of giggles.

Enjoy your week, see you at a show!

Groetjes, Menni

'my pen's frozen in the air above my checklist..' (Hayley Reardon - Scribbles)

  • May 5
    Thanks Menni!
  • May 5
    Thanks Menni, I 'll see what I can catch, at least until Thursday, not sure of having service after that!! :)
  • May 6
    This is one helluva superb list of essentials!
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