Anthony da Costa: Young Pioneer of Americana Songwriting

By - April 17, 2014


It would be fair to assume Anthony da Costa had been doing this for decades. It would be fair to assume, after listening to him, that his music career had spanned at least the length of some of his bigger influences, Josh Ritter and Ryan Adams, both in their late 30s. But da Costa's career span runs shy of that, and not insignificantly.

Off to a running start with music at the age of 11, he started performing professionally by the time he hit his teens. In 2007, at the age of 16, he became the youngest ever winner of both the Falcon Ridge and Kerrville Folk Festivals' songwriting competitions. His first recording, Already There EP, was released in 2005, and with 9 additional recordings to his name since, da Costa has created an esteemed name for himself in the folk music circuit.

This is all to say, da Costa's thoughtful, emotional, and sometimes even humorous songwriting and musicianship defies his years. He plays a show like a true veteran of the trade, bringing an audience by his side within moments, and guiding them along the way through the many layers of his music - sadness, laughter, curiosity, and irony all explored and explained.

Originally from Pleasantville, NY, New York City has recently lost this pioneer of the younger generation of Americana songwriters. With the completion of a history degree from Columbia University approaching in May, da Costa has relocated to another hotbed of songwriters, Austin, TX.

Anthony da Costa will be gracing the web stages of Concert Window every Tuesday in May at 8PM EST, starting on May 6th. Tune in to hear him play some brand new songs, old favorites, take requests and answer questions.

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