Best Musicians for a Spring Saturday

By David Klein - May 3, 2014


Spring is here in NYC! This Saturday is going to be 72 and sunny, and this city is finally coming out of winter hibernation. That means the thousands of street musicians in the parks, subways, and squares around the city will be out in full force. David Ippolito – who plays on Concert Window each Monday night – has been playing in Central Park for years.

Here are a couple our team’s other favorites:

Morgan O’Kane

Banjo, percussion, and vocals all in one. You can find him – if you can peer between the crowds stopping to listen – in Washington Square Park, Union Square, or the Bedford Ave stop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Morgan’s energy and virtuosity on a single instrument remind me of John Butler’s solo 12-string guitar piece “Ocean.” Also, I love the set on this video -- feels like a Concert Window show:

Colin Huggins

Colin lugs his piano about 20 blocks to Washington Square every Saturday and plays all afternoon. He covers everything from Debussy and Rachmaninoff to Yann Tiersen and Philip Glass. It is truly a beautiful soundtrack to a walk around the park. My favorite diner in New York is on the other end of the park just because it gives me an excuse to stop by and listen.

Here is a take of Colin playing a song by Yann Tiersen, from the soundtrack to Amelie:

Who are your favorite buskers in your city? Post them the comment section below!

  • May 20
    Ha! I saw Colin playing this song when I was there but couldn't place it! Thanks for the reminder of what it was and great list. I'll go see some more this weekend.
  • Jun 6
    Beautiful !
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