Menni's Picks: April 28 - May 4

By Menno Peeters - April 28, 2014


Hello friends and lovers,

Concerts, besides being perfect human interaction, are the perfect metaphor for human interaction: quite often they're exhilarating and uplifting, but they can be annoyingly distorted as well. This is what happened to the Moody Little Sister show last week: they were right on time, earlier explored songs showed greatness, support act was fine. And then the sound levels turned out to be way too loud, like a witch screaming in your ear and scraping her nails on a chalkboard at the same time. Unfortunately it never got better. They will be back next Sunday, hopefully the technical side will be sorted out then! Please artists, test, test, test, adjust, then test some more. And read the chat.

That is, until the chat gets a bit ugly. At the entertaining Austin Lounge Lizards show, someone started waving around big bucks, tipping hundreds of dollars and calling the other viewers cheap bastards. Now I'm pretty sure this person intended it to be stimulating, but I decided to ignore immediately. For some reason, whenever money threatens to take over any conversation, I shake my head and turn to the music. Afterwards I buy a CD online.

These are my picks for the week of April 28 - May 4, all times EDT:

Mon 10:30pm - Phoebe Hunt and Connor Forsyth
Of course she's here every week, always recommendable, but this edition is truly not to be missed. First there's the 'regular' performance at 9pm, which always offers adorable surprises, then Phoebe and perfect companion Connor will conquer the ministage at my favorite home venue on Concert Window: Abbie Weisenbloom's. The feeling of actually being there in that cozy room is unequaled, also there's constant audiovisual improvement. Combine that setting with this golden duo and the night will be unforgettable.

Tue 7:00pm - Freebo
Hosted by Christine Lavin. Played tuba with Spinal Tap. I rest my case.

Wed 3:00pm - Freya Ridings
Girl with guitar in a European time zone, count me in. Her debut album is on its way and a small show like this is the perfect opportunity to find out if it's tempting to pre-order a dozen signed copies. Freya's Soundcloud - - already offers a couple of heartbreaking songs, all worth requesting.

Thu 8:00pm - Caitlin Marie Bell
She sure has a promising first name: Caitlin Rose is one of my favorite singers and Caitlin Canty is a respected repeat performer on Concert Window. With song titles like Tried and Tried, Cold December Night and Willow Tree, it's crystal clear that there will be melancholia, Appalachian gothic even. I have a feeling this is going to be a deeply moving start of May.

Fri 8:15pm - Singers Night
The key word here is 'Berklee': from a handful of singer/songwriters sitting in a circle to entire choirs and orchestras, the students of Boston's Berklee College of Music never fail to impress. Also, their broadcast quality is often top-notch. This evening will showcase some of their finest vocalists, so there's lots of room for surprises.

Sat 7:00pm - Un-Ironically Enthusiastic
I must admit I'm always a bit sceptic when it comes to nerds using their geekiness as a selling point, in music and movies. There's always looming danger of someone who's trying too hard to act like a dork, a professional fake dweeb so to say. The best thing to do during this one time only show, is simply to enjoy the funny songs. Because they WILL be funny.

Sun 10:00pm - Benefit for Powderbears Music Series
Support the artists, support the venue. Live from Bear Valley, in a cabin that's always covered in snow, they say. Performers will be Pepita and Olivia, a.k.a. Oh Pep! And boy oh boy, is their music instantly addictive, oozing life and friendliness. Gonna try to pull an all-nighter for this one. Phil, hot chocolate please.

Enjoy your week, see you at a show!


'my pen's frozen in the air above my checklist..'
(Hayley Reardon - Scribbles)

  • Apr 28
    Thanks Menni. Too bad to hear about the chat disruptions during Austin Lounge Lizards. We might have to build in a community moderation mechanism. Anyway nice picks on the shows this week.
  • Apr 28
    Thanks Menni this is great - going to try to see them all
  • Apr 29
    Hi Menni -- in case you're awake at 7 eastern time -- Freebo made his show 7 PM so it's not too late for his European fans. He toured with Bonnie Raitt for 10 years -- is a beloved musical institution.
  • Apr 29
    I only pick shows here that I plan on attending, so see you tonight :).
  • Apr 30
    Unfortunately Freya Ridings didn't show up.
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