New features: Messaging, comments, and Tip Rewards

By Dan Gurney - April 24, 2014


The team has been working hard here at Techstars and we're excited to announce some new features today.

First of all, here's a helpful feature for artists: Now you can message the viewers of your shows. Need to change the date? Announcing a special guest? Now you can share the news with your fans. You'll find this option in your Artist Dashboard when you create a show.

Second, editorial comments. We have a great community here on Concert Window, but there's no way to talk to each other outside of the chat box. Now that's no longer the case. You can easily add your comments to editorials. Go ahead and try it out below.

And third, last but not least, is my favorite new feature: Tip Rewards. Now artists can add special items for fans during each show. For example, "Tip $10 and get an unreleased EP download." It's totally flexible and up to the artist. You'll also find this option in your Artist Dashboard.

Love em? Hate em? Let us know what you think about these new features below.

Dan and the Concert Window Team

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  • Apr 27
    how do i get the chocolate cake????
  • Apr 27
    Good question Jeff. Let me get working on that.
  • Apr 28
    you guys are always thinking and trying to improve the CW experience! Yay!
  • Apr 28
    ooh Chocolate Cake... mmmm ;o) sounds good...
  • May 10
    Dan I'm constantly promoting CW on my Facebook page MusicToRemember. I've just watched the great Stray Birds. CW is the future of streaming music, keep up the great work. Regards from Gary in Wellington, New Zealand
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