Menni's Picks: April 21-27

By Menno Peeters - April 21, 2014


Hello music lovers from around the globe, this is the second instalment of my carefully selected yet totally personal list of concerts I'm looking forward to. In the past couple of months, the amount of shows to choose from has been growing very rapidly and I certainly don't feel capable of selecting in advance the best ones for anyone, including myself. So just consider this to be an appetizer, a hunger for sharing the Concert Window passion.

This past week saw one postponed and one canceled show, the rest were all very succesful. Phoebe Hunt fiddled at Big Sur, a rare outside broadcast, with dancing friends. Redvers Bailey didn't play on his Berlin balcony after all, but the living room provided a cozy backdrop for a cozy gig anyway. Uncle Bonsai drew quite the crowd and entertained a lot. SIV & Kerri Lowe sang fragile songs and read beautiful poetry. And the Bluegrass Festival in Club Passim is still going strong at the moment. We want more!

These are my picks for the week of 21-27 april, all times EDT:

Mon 7:00pm - Sarah Rice
The theremin must be one of the most fascinating instruments ever invented, creating haunting sound out of thin air. Sarah Rice could be classified as a Broadway diva and indeed she has the experience to prove it, but her weekly concerts on here deserve a more delicate description: friendly conversation and a pleasantly lit room accompany relaxing music.

Tue 8:30pm - Loozin Sleep
Classic rocking guys (from Stones to Zep) with a powerful frontwoman (think Etheridge and Tedeschi), even without ever having heard of them: there will probably be quite a few recognizable songs. This Kansas based band will be making their Concert Window debut, let's hope they'll find the right audio settings.

Wed 8:00pm - Connor Zwetsch / 9:00pm - Connor Garvey
Night of the Connors! First there's the return of miss Zwetsch with a hat, whose sweetly executed acoustic covers of modern day hits are very addictive. This girl could go far, expect a full house. Straight after there's the return of mister Garvey with a moustache, whose previous concert involved a bunch of sparkling songs and an honest sense of fun. A nice time is guaranteed. Bring tea.

Thu 8:00pm - Susquehanna Industrial Tool and Die Co.
This is the kind of music non-Americans expect here. And they're not even wearing cowboy hats! Sharp-dressed hillbillies play guitar, pluck contrabass and probably own a banjo as well. Michael, Jon and - what's in a name - Garth were obviously born for this. Hear that train a comin', hop on!

Fri 10:00pm - Moody Little Sister
I have no idea who this is, or how many, let alone what kind of music they make. It will be 4am for me when this show starts, not really a time when you'd want a moody little sister hanging around in your room. But I'm willing to take a chance, plunge into the unknown and who knows, maybe discover a hidden gem.

Sat 9:00pm - Austin Lounge Lizards
If you ever visit Concert Window, you must spend an evening at The Bugle Boy in La Grange. In fact, if you ever visit Texas, you should do the same. This venue always give lots of shout-outs to chatters and, more important, hosts one great concert after another. Tonight, it's folk mixed with bluegrass slash country, whatever you wanna call it. On further inspection, get ready for vocal harmonies, political humor, modern-day gospel and cactus plugging.

Sun 2:00pm - Robert Leslie
An Englishman in New York, who grew up in Amsterdam. Young Robert is a typical traditional singer/songwriter: he wears a hat, while singing simple songs in his living room and at subway stations. All Bob Dylan fans and all Dutch people, let's give this guy an afternoon audience to remember.

Enjoy your week, see you at a show!


'my pen's frozen in the air above my checklist..'
(Hayley Reardon - Scribbles)

Photo by Sebastian Canaves

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  • Apr 24
    Great picks
  • Apr 24
    Susquehanna guys apparently canceled.
  • Apr 25
    ah too bad
  • Apr 26
    Thanks Menno. Always look forward to your musings.
  • Apr 27
    Robert Leslie didn't show up, really too bad.
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