Cross Country Road Show

By Stephen Perry - April 16, 2014


Any musician will tell you that collaboration can be difficult. Even two artists with the same taste, ability, musical upbringing and schedule can flame out, have a falling out, or simply run out of good ideas. A writing team can function as a highly efficient machine on Tuesday evening, and be permanently out of gas by Thursday around brunch. For this reason, modern songwriting is often a solitary affair; the Leiber & Stollers, Lennon & McCartneys, Hall & Oates of the world are few and far between. So if you find someone you can write with, stay involved with them, no distance is too great.

Patrick Dyer Wolf and Avi Vinocur first met in San Francisco. There they learned some songs, recorded some demos, and went their separate ways. Patrick returned to North Carolina, and Avi stayed in California. Realizing how prolific their partnership could be, the two kept in touch. Meeting once in awhile on one coast or the other to collaborate and add band members, the duo kept on creating, despite the distance between them. Naming themselves after a small Texas town positioned halfway between Chapel Hill and San Francisco (if you take I-40), they are playing back-to-back this Thursday night on Concert Window.

Goodnight, Texas serves up Appalachian tinted Americana that sounds sweet and soulful both in the Blue Mountains, and the Berkeley Hills. The group’s debut LP “A Long Life of Living” is driven by acoustic guitars and harmonies; a sound that is both ancient and timeless. Instrumentation varies from the lushness of a full band, to the stark fragility of a soloist; voice and instrument against the world. A chronicle of a life of travel, heartache, and beauty, the album draws on Wolf and Vinocur’s experiences as continent crossing artists, soaking in all that is to be found on the open highway. Highly recommend for any fan of folk, bluegrass, Americana, or beautiful music in general, Avi starts of the bill at 9pm EDT on April 17th. Patrick follows him a half hour later at 9:30pm EDT.

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