Top 5 Tips for a Great Performance

By Mike Felling - April 15, 2014


Hello fellow musicians!

My name is Mike, and I work here at Concert Window in Support helping folks like you make sure everything runs smoothly for your show. I have the privilege of being able to watch many wonderful shows here. I have noticed a few things that might help you musicians have a better show experience. Here it it is (drum roll please?) ..

My top 5 list for an improved Concert Window performance:

1) When you make a show date, don't forget!
Sometimes with the hustle and bustle in the life of a musician, things can get forgotten. So don't forget to make yourself a note on your phone, Google calendar, or even the good old fashioned yellow post it note. Remember.. your audience will be waiting on you!

2) Make sure you have enough bandwidth
I can't stress this one enough. It's VERY important. Run a speed test to make sure you are getting over 1 mbps upload speed. Try a couple test broadcasts here on Concert Window. Make sure you have shut anything down that may be using extra bandwidth (X-Box, PlayStation, Torrents, iTunes, etc...). If you are at a venue doing an event and are running off their bandwidth, try to make sure it's a dedicated network if possible.

3) Microphones
You want your audience to be able to hear your wonderful music! Built-in webcam/laptop microphones are just fine and will work, but will not be your first choice for the clearest sound. USB microphones are becoming more and more affordable, easy to set up, and provide amazing sound. Blue makes wonderful microphones. The Yeti, Nessie, or Snowball are some great suggestions! Balanced microphones that go through powered mixers are a more advanced approach, and sound wonderful as well.

4) Video Quality
It's not just about what your bandwidth can handle (although that's very important too), it's having a good camera to provide a higher resolution picture. Webcams have come a long way with providing higher quality images. This is a great one. Just remember, if you are shopping for one, it's the video resolution you need to look for, and not the image resolution. The higher the numbers for Video Resolution (eg. 1080p), the better the picture!

5) Viewing Angles/ Camera Placement
Viewers like to be able to see everything possible. They want to see chord progressions, keystrokes, and most of all.. other members of your band! If you are the singer and have a band accompanying you, make sure viewers can see them.

Looking forward to your shows!
Concert Window Support (username "cwsupport")

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  • Jun 30
    Thank you cwsupport, good stuff!
  • Dec 14
    These tips are great! Thank you very much for sharing them with us. Wish you all the best !
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