Menni's Picks: April 14-20

By Menno Peeters - April 14, 2014


Editor's note: We're excited to launch this new feature, in which one of Concert Window's most passionate viewers, Menni from Amsterdam, will be picking his top shows each week.

Hi, my name is Menni and I'm a Concert Window addict. Since October last year I've been enjoying shows here on a daily basis, mostly way past midnight, as I live Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Starting today, I'll be posting a column every Monday, with my picks for the upcoming week. There's a good chance you'll find me in the chat during these shows.

These are my picks for the week of 14-20 April, all times EDT:

Mon 9:00pm - Phoebe Hunt and The Gatherers
Fiddling Phoebe is becoming a bit of a legend on Concert Window, attracting a small yet very loyal following, who tune in every Monday to find out where she happens to be. We've seen her perform at LaGuardia Airport right next to the baggage claim, in a parking lot with construction workers walking past, at a musical festival and in a dark living room. Oh and her music is beyond awesome, just ask those who were there when thunder & lightning struck during Woman on Fire.

Tue 2:30pm - Redvers Bailey
This 'darkly humoured wordsmith' will be playing guitar from the balcony of his Berlin apartment, at a decent hour for European citizens. I'm looking forward to seeing him live for the very first time, the tunes found on Youtube so far sound very friendly. Plus, he has a beard, always a good sign.

Wed 6:00pm [NOTE: Show postponed] - Woodland Bard
John Willmott is a tree hugger. And he's good at it. His seriously soothing and very funny Irish poetry has captured and entertained Concert Window audiences before, often with a little help of delightful Claire Roche on harp. The Bard has been struggling with a bit of illness, let's hope he's well enough to do this show, which will be healing in its own self no doubt.

Thu 9:00pm - Aziza & The Cure
Now I won't deny I picked this because I'm a giant Cure fan, which has absolutely nothing to do with this adorable symphonic soul pop (!) duo, who have just released their debut album. It's pretty obvious from the first peeks that their magical songs involve ecological concern and spiritual harmony, so there might be forests and caterpillars after all.

Fri 9:00pm - Uncle Bonsai
Arni, Patrice and Andrew did two songs at Christine Lavin's singer/songwriter bonanza from the Kansas Folk Alliance a while ago, which was my first time seeing them, hooked instantly. They're good, they're fun, they're three voices and one guitar. After more than 30 years of playing their Seattle folk pop (opening for Raitt, Vega and many more) around the country, now the ultimate stage awaits.

Sat 2:00pm - SIV & Kerri Lowe
Norwegian SIV, one of the nicest persons I've met on here so far, did a lovely typical singer/songwriter set from her bedroom back in February. This will be the opening show for a small tour and she'll be teaming up with Kerri Lowe, who got me choked up just reading her nervous lengthy introduction text on Facebook, explaining severe anxiety. 'I promise to be gumptious and true and break your heart a little bit before I sew it back together with words and music.'

Sun 5:00pm - Down Home Up Here Bluegrass Festival
From fabulous Club Passim in Boston, which will be hosting an entire weekend of bluegrass, something new to discover every hour. So I might very well tune in on Saturday as well, to find out about Hannah Shira Naiman, The Surviving Kenneallys, Mark Whitaker, Molly Tuttle and many other fascinating unknowns, until now.

So that's it for this week! This list is neither complete nor definite, because I will be watching more concerts, some could be cancelled, others might be added. I love laptop shows since they're more intimate and usually start exactly on time, but they're also destined to display technical difficulties. You see, Concert Window is an adventure.


'my pen's frozen in the air above my checklist..' (Hayley Reardon - Scribbles)

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