The Happy Racers play Concert Window

By Stephen Perry - April 11, 2014


Music is an artform that almost all of us form a strong relationship with at an early age. We want children to love music. We want to see them experience the joy of hearing a favorite song, and we want to unleash their inner Beethoven. We want them to play to upbeat catchy tunes and jump around the house and be happy. We want them to sleep to the soothing sounds of a comforting lullaby. Nathan Meckel and The Happy Racers provide all that fun (and intellectual stimulation) to children, without producing a sugary sweet sound that will drive parents insane. The Happy Racers balance lighthearted, bouncy, poppy beats with slick and smart songwriting that will entertain the entire family.

Springing from an impromptu songwriting session with his children, Meckel’s Happy Racers are a result of the maturation of the alternative/indie generation. Kids who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s identifying with grunge/indie/college rock counterculture are the new generation of young parents, and the music to which they expose their children reflects this background. An experienced songwriter who has contributed works to MTV, ABC, CBS, and Bravo, among others, Meckel certainly has the chops to write and record catchy music. What makes him special is the connection he has to both his children’s generation, and his own.

The Happy Racers’ debut album Ready Set Go! is punctuated by such confidence inspiring anthems as “Failure’s a Myth” and “I Can Do Anything,” as well as a sweet cover of “Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da,” by The Beatles. They will perform tracks from the album live on Concert Window, April 13th at 7pm EDT. Tune in with your entire family, and remember; good music, good times, and feeling great knows no age!

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