From the Artist: Jefferson Hamer of The Murphy Beds

By Jefferson Hamer - April 8, 2014


So far I've played two shows on Concert Window. The first one took place in my bedroom. I was apprehensive about trying to put on a show without any visible audience and a distinctive lack of flattering stage lighting, but the comments and requests kept coming in and I wound up having a great time. I tried out a bunch of new songs that I might otherwise have been reluctant to play in front of actual people.

The second show featured a live studio audience as part of the new "Songs from the Couch" series. The production values were up a few notches on this one: Louisiana style cooking, a handsome Scottish MC, stereo microphones, and a gimp mask. There's no limit to what could be accomplished with the format. Concert Window is a legit, viable choice for artists looking to book themselves a performance anywhere, anytime.

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