From the Artist: The Spring Standards

By The Spring Standards - March 27, 2014


When we emerged from the City Museum in St. Louis that afternoon spirits were high - we had just enjoyed a 2 hour block of straight up PLAYTIME and we were feeling great. What a perfect way to spend our day off before heading to Minneapolis!

As we approached the van we noticed the passenger side window had been left open. Odd. But then we saw the glass - and realized that, like so many other bands, our home had been violated. We found the interior turned inside-out and just like that a week's worth of show and merchandise money was gone. The cops came but there was really nothing anyone could do.

Then we remembered our amazing fans. And the great live streaming concert website we had seen our friends in a band called Inland Traveler use just weeks before. The wheels started turning.

We had to work quickly - we only had one night off before the tour started up again and then it was nonstop. We posted to social media at around 4pm that something was in the works - by the time we got back to our home for the night we had reached out to Concert Window and it was an absolute breeze to get the concert ready. Before we knew it we had a link to share with fans, we were sound checked and everything was ready to go by 6, leaving us 2 hours to spread the word.

By the time our concert was over (they let us play well beyond the 30 minute suggested slot without a problem) we had raised enough to cover all our losses and repairs - we were absolutely stunned. Our fans really turned that day, the whole tour really, around for us - and we simply could not have done it without Concert Window. Their easy-to-use platform let us make the last minute decision to try a crazy scheme and things just fell into place. Also, the scrolling comments created an amazing community energy so our fans all felt connected to each other as well as to us. Not to mention the option of setting your own ticket price (we did pay-what-you-can), as well as the tipping (which was huge for us!). It all worked seamlessly and everyone left feeling revived, refreshed and believing in the goodness of the world again!

Venues are great, don't get me wrong - but so are basements. And bedrooms. And kitchens. There is something special about seeing an artist in a new atmosphere, sharing in a different way. Concert Window not only helped us out of a bind, it also let our fans see something new. Everybody won!

Needless to say, we're already planning our next concert with Concert Window. This time, hopefully, without the break-in.

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  • Sep 4
    Awesome! What a great Concert Window success story!
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