From the Artist: The Steel Wheels

By The Steel Wheels - March 13, 2014


We, The Steel Wheels, have been touring through this cold and snowy winter like many of our artist friends out there. So far we had managed to be incredibly lucky and avoided all the major storms by days and sometimes hours and hadn't lost a single show yet due to the weather. Last night our luck ran out as we watched the radar from our hotel room in Saratoga Springs, NY.

We had a show scheduled in Ithaca, NY that appeared to be placed squarely in the "don't even think about traveling here" portion of the storm. After a few phone calls with the promoter the tough decision was made that the show needed to be cancelled. That is a very reluctant decision for any venue or artist to make but it was the correct one for the safety of everyone. We love to play our music for our fans and there is always disappointment for us when something like this happens not to mention the large financial implications of keeping our business on the road and profitable. What to do?

We had just been on Concert Window the night before through our sold out show at Caffè Lena and was familiar with what it offered. We had some friends that had performed "laptop" concerts in the past but had never tried it ourselves. After a little research we determined that we could indeed set up a Concert Window show that would happen on the same day and we got to work. We had 10 hours before showtime to set up, let our fans know about it and figure out the logistics of actually making it happen!

Set up was super easy on Concert Window and we were off and running. I hit the social media quickly and all our fans responded immediately! We truly do have some of the best fans in the world. We bought an inexpensive piece of equipment to hook our nice microphone up to our computer, escaped the storm by running to a friends house in Great Barrington, MA and got the connection up and running. By the time the show rolled around we ended up with an incredibly fun interactive experience, over 220 viewers, and recovered a large portion of our lost revenue thanks to our generous listening audience!

It's been really fun to read back over the comments and see how much community was built within our fanbase from all over the world! It turned a bad situation into one that we are certainly looking into doing again and we are still talking about it the next day with excitement! Thanks Concert Window for helping us out and a big thanks to everyone that tuned in and showed us so much love! We hope to see you all down the road again real soon.

Your friends,
The Steel Wheels - Trent, Brian, Eric & Jay

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