Ashley Lewis: Country Songstress and Virtuoso Mandolinist

By Stephen Perry - March 10, 2014


Ashley Lewis probably could make it on her voice alone. The fact that she can absolutely shred on a mandolin is outright unfair. On top of that, she’s also an incredible fiddler. Though she’s received many awards for her mandolin playing, she never seems to be on a pedestal; she relates to the listener with both empathy and honesty.

Lush harmonies and weaving string lines compliment Lewis’ sweet voice and melodic playing. The result is a full bodied, multi-texture sound that pushes musicianship towards the forefront, while still retaining the simplicity and catchiness of bluegrass and country pop. Ashley draws upon influences from roots rock to Delta blues, and paints a varied tapestry of sweet-souled country.

Ashley is releasing her third album this spring. Guest-starring such notable performers as Vince Gill, Carl Jackson, Jon Randall, “Captivated” hits the shelves in April.

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