Redeye Distribution Announces Partnership with Concert Window During SXSW 2014

By Dan Gurney - March 7, 2014


Musicians from around the world gather in Austin, Texas each spring to participate in a chaotic frenzy of performances, parties, and fortuitous connections.

This year, Concert Window is pleased to partner with one of the leading independent music distributors, Redeye, and indie labels Yep Roc, Ardent, and Devil Down. Using Concert Window’s rapidly growing live streaming platform, a curated selection of the labels' artists will be performing intimate 20-minute webshows right into their laptop computer. Fans can tune in from around the world, contribute tips, and make requests in real time.

It’s a social, all-access experience that gives artists and fans a way to connect directly; and the artist receives the majority of the revenue.

"We are excited to partner with Concert Window for our Redeye Residency events this week in Austin, TX,” says Jim Logrando, Partnership & Strategic Development Manager for Redeye Distribution. “Not only is Concert Window a unique performance and revenue opportunity that is incredibly artist friendly, it is a fantastic way to bring a piece of the musical magic happening in Austin home for fans who otherwise couldn't make the trip."

Here is the confirmed schedule so far:

Mandolin Orange Wednesday 3/12 at 4pm ET (3pm CT)

Greyhounds Thursday 3/13 at noon ET (11am CT)

Eleni Mandell Thursday 3/13 at 1pm ET (noon CT)

Jonah Tolchin Thursday 3/13 at 4pm ET (3pm CT)

Reed Turchi Thursday 3/13 at 5pm ET (4pm CT)

The Minus 5 Friday 3/14 at 2:30pm ET (1:30pm CT)

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