Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum: Beat-boxed Acoustic Rock-Hop

By Stephen Perry - March 5, 2014


What do a free diver, a long distance runner, and a beat-boxer have in common? They all push the limits of the human body. It seems as if Tom Thum can replicate every sound he’s ever heard, and then assemble them into whatever musical styling he likes. Half composer, half lyrebird, and 100% a showman, Thum is among the best at playing the human body. What Rachmaninov was to a piano, what Jaco Pastoruis was to a bass… that’s what Tom Thum is to, well, himself.

Jamie MacDowell is the perfect counterpart for Thum. A soulful singer with an smooth voice and the instincts of a seasoned songsmith, MacDowell crafts songs that pull on a wide range of influences. You can hear everything from blues to folk to jazz to hip hop in his writing. A wry lyricist with surfer boy looks, his songs are pretty and catchy, without seeming manufactured.

Together, the duo create a sound that would usually require four or more musicians to perform. The result being that their performances sound much bigger than they are, without losing the intimate vibe of an acoustic duo. Add in their on camera chemistry and the adaptability of Thum’s technique, and you get a one of a kind outcome.

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