From Christine Lavin: Thank you to all the viewers of the two marathon Folk Alliance laptop shows

By Christine Lavin - February 23, 2014


The people at Folk Alliance are blown away that using the 'pay whatever you want' philosophy that our two laptop concerts broadcast from the Westin Hotel in Kansas City actually raised money for the Folk Alliance Scholarship Fund. Concert Window itself donated its percentage to the scholarship fund -- making the grand total $1,036.83.

That means every penny of every dollar paid -- and tipped -- during the shows have gone into a fund that will aid young musicians who want to attend next year's conference. So thank you thank you thank you all of you who attended and were so generous.

I am busy (actually I'm writing this from a plane between Kansas City and New York) working on another 'behind-the-scenes' video, this one of Folk Alliance, focusing on the laptop shows. I spent a good part of Wednesday and Thursday scouting around, listening to bands in showcase rooms, and also out in the hallways -- three of my new favorites were found in hallways -- a band from Oklahoma called "F5Four" -- and guess what stands for? All four of them lived through F5 tornadoes. Brave dudes.

Also an eclectic band from Toronto called "Jessica Stuart Few," and a roots bluegrass folk band called "Poor Old Shine." Just there in a hallway playing their hearts out -- and I was so glad to get them on camera for Concert Window fans to see.

One brilliantly talented songwriter who deserves more airtime is Canadian Laura Smith. If she signs up to do her own laptop show, get a front row seat. She's one of those people born to sing -- she'll be in the video I will complete as soon as I can -- in fact, I must get back to it now.

It seems amazing to me that I did my first laptop show on January 7th -- and in my bathrobe no less, because I was taken by surprise (translation: I had forgotten). I think this is such a terrific way to introduce new talented musicians to music lovers far and wide, and a way for those of us who've been doing it for a while to keep up with music lovers when we're not in your town. I am going to continue beating the drum for Concert Window because I love what they are doing. So let's keep this momentum going, and again, a big thank you to all who got to see a sampling of the goings-on in Kansas City and were so generous.

What's that old song from the musical Oklahoma! -- "Everything's up to date in Kansas City/they gone about as fer as they can go."

Obviously written before Concert Window was around!



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