How to Broadcast Using Your Own Production Setup

By Dan Gurney - February 5, 2014


Are you interested in webcasting a show on Concert Window and using your own production setup instead of the built-in laptop camera?

That’s great – here’s how to interface with our system.

First, you’ll need a way to get video and audio into the computer. For video we recommend an HDMI or SDI cable out of the camera(s) into a live capture card like the Blackmagic Intensity Pro (your mileage may vary on the other models – you’ll have to consult a pro on that). For audio we recommend an 1/8” line-in from the soundboard into the computer, but there are plenty of other ways to do it.

Once video and audio have been brought into the computer, you can use encoding software like Flash Media Live Encoder or Wirecast to actually upload the live stream to our servers.

Where do you send the stream? Once you’ve scheduled your show on Concert Window, visit your Artist Dashboard and choose the option to “Download RTMP.” Copy the RTMP info into FMLE or Wirecast and it will pre-load the stream destination, which will send it directly to us.

We’ll handle the rest, including ticketing, video delivery to desktop/mobile, and live support.

Once you’ve scheduled a show, you can also do a private test stream so you can troubleshoot all your equipment before showtime.

If you’re ready, you can create your show here:

Photo by Scott W. Smith

  • May 23
    WRT Audio: You need to allow routing through other software. I know you're trying to keep it simple, but I have an established workflow that mixes and adds effects in MainStage, and I'm able to do a nice pro sounding mix using a multi-port interface. I can select the interface in CW, but it's locked down to the first 2 inputs (I Keep my mic on 3) and if I used the first 2 inputs I'd still lose mixing it'd be vox in R channel and guitar in L. My usual flow is Mic, Guitar, Etc-->Multi-channel AD interface-->Software mixer (MainStage)-->Shoutcast capable broadcast software (NiceCast). While I could tear the world apart and use a hardware mixer, then either route to 1/8" or first 2 channels of A/D device, it just doesn't seem worth it. (especially since it precludes doing a simulcast w/ my normal rig).
  • May 1
    I agree bryan-baker.
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