Andre Henry, Playing the Role of Soul Singer, Minister, and Pop Star

By Stephen Perry - February 3, 2014


Andre Henry may seem like a strange fit for New York City. A boundless enthusiasm for the sentimental guides his work towards a caramel-filled sweetness which seemingly runs counter to the common themes of urban toughness and cool detachment which permeate the music scene in the concrete jungle. A Georgia native with a knack for playing the role of soul singer, minister, and pop star, he is a hopeless romantic to the core: confident and unabashed.

After earning a theological degree in Florida, Andre moved to New York with the intention to become an iconic soul singer. Before long he was a regular performer at Manhattan's famed Sugar Bar, where the audience is often more famous than the performer. Paying his dues on stage, he caught the ear of club owners Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson. He recorded a song in their personal studio. The track, "Don't Say You Love Me (It'll Ruin My Day)" won the ASCAP Foundation's Reach Out and Touch Award.

Brimming with inner light, Andre is uncompromising in his commitment to expressing his inner voice. At that end of the day, it is this very commitment to individualism that makes him a perfect fit for a city which so prizes uniqueness and diversity. By letting his emotional guard down, Andre lets out a roar of bravery that echos from Chinatown to Inwood.

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