Say Hello to Our Staff Musicians!

By Dan Gurney - January 21, 2014


At Concert Window, we believe something unusual: the musician is king. Everything we do is intended to benefit musicians. Because if musicians are doing well, that's good for everyone else.

Since all of Concert Window’s founders are musicians, we decided to double down and start hiring “Staff Musicians.” These are working musicians who come into the Concert Window office on their days off and help prospective musicians set up their own Concert Window shows.

I’d like to introduce you to our brand new staff musicians: Stephen and Hannah (with more joining soon). Stephen plays guitar in Brooklyn band The Planes and runs a music blog. Hannah is a brilliant songwriter and fiddle player from Scotland who has recently relocated to Brooklyn and released her debut album “Wrapped in Lace.”

We love having musicians on staff and they are here to help YOU! If you’re a musician and you have questions about doing a Concert Window show, email Stephen or Hannah anytime. They can walk you through the whole process and even do a live stream test with you.

Email Stephen

Email Hannah

At Concert Window we think musicians are VIPs and we’re doing our best to treat them as such!

Founder and CEO

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