Server Down = Apologies + Explanation

By Jonathan Daily - January 14, 2014


Let me start off by apologizing for the down time last night. A busy night with a few extremely popular shows led to the system crashing despite our best efforts to scale up our servers. We analyzed the problem, and found a bug relating to our chat server which drastically impaired our ability to scale shows. The bug has already been fixed and deployed which means that we won't see this issue again. That means that you won't have to put up with slow responses or downtime in the future, right?

We sincerely hope so. Providing the best experience to our musicians and their fans is by far our largest priority. To that end, we do everything we can to ensure that our service is both enjoyable and reliable. But, we are a rapidly growing business, and these things do happen. Keeping CW online last night proved very stressful for us here. But, the fact that it occurred means that a lot of people are excited about CW, and that gives us the motivation to work even harder to provide the best service that we can. The worst situation a startup can be in is when their service goes down, and no one notices or cares. It feels good to know that people find value, and enjoy the service that we are providing.

Moving forward, we will be more diligent about stress testing our application for these types of traffic spikes. We appreciate you being with us as early adopters of Concert Window and being willing to put up with these hiccups as we grow. Thank you for being part of the community and enjoy your next show!

Jonathan - CTO

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