Haas, Kowert, and Tice to Preview New Album Live from the Studio

By Dan Gurney - January 7, 2014


The trio of Brittany Haas, Paul Kowert, and Jordan Tice represents three of this generation’s finest acoustic musicians. Haas (fiddle) is known for her work with Crooked Still, Kowert (bass) is a member of the Punch Brothers, and Tice (guitar) has performed with Mark Schatz and Darol Anger.

Tice describes the trio’s sound as “mostly original instrumental music. We focus on good melodies and grooves, interesting textures, and keeping things moving from start to finish.”

On January 27th, they will be pioneering a new type of experience on Concert Window: previewing their new album live from the recording studio.

“The webcast will be live from Rotary Sound Studios in Springfield MA smack dab in the middle of our session,” says Tice. “We'll be playing through some awesome mics and preamps and the legendary Dave Sinko who is engineering our record will be there to make sure we're sounding our best through your computer speakers. We're basically gonna play our record through for you to give y'all a taste.”

This kind of experience was never possible before the advent of live streamed concerts online. Recording studios aren’t built to accommodate a crowd. Now, however, music fans can get to know their favorite musicians in settings that were previously off-limits.

“Concert Window has been wonderful for all three of us,” says Tice. “Its awesome to be able to share our performances with friends and fans all over the world. Really looking forward to using the new ‘laptop show’ feature too. Thinking it will be a great way to break up the recording process and share our progress in an informal intimate way.”

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