From the Artist: Seth Glier

By Seth Glier - January 3, 2014


To be honest, when I first heard about Concert Window I had my doubts about it. I make my living by creating moments in a room full of 200 people at a time with music. Concert Window came along with a simple idea and technology to match & I feared that this online medium would replace the live music experience I love so dearly.

What I wasn’t thinking about at the time was how much Concert Window will do to enhance the live music experience. Throughout the past 2 years I’ve worked with Concert Window on 7 shows (5 performance concerts & 2 at home webcasts). Not only has it given me the opportunity to engage with new & old fans but it’s also given fans the opportunity to engage with each other. I’ve seen car pools, first dates and friendships all develop on Concert Window. My good friends Steve & Heather Topp from Cleveland watch Concert Window all the time because with a newborn baby (& no listening room in Cleveland Ohio) driving several hours to a concert isn’t in the cards as much as it used to be. Concert Window isn’t replacing the live music experience…they’re extending it & bringing it to people who are hungry for it.

It’s a community full of compassionate, kind, & passionate music lovers & I’m honored to be a part of it.

  • Jul 28
    we're glad to have you Seth!
  • Dec 17
    I have only seen a few concerts so far on Concert Window, absolutely love them.
  • Dec 17
    The concert yesterday with you and Joe Nerney was fantastic, look forward to seeing you on the next ones as well!
  • Jan 6
    I am a big fan of Concert window. I love it..
  • Feb 10
    cool, I just joined and did my first half hour this morning, 8:30 am .. fun
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