Roy Book Binder and the Never Ending Road

By Dan Gurney - December 4, 2013


Touring is an inescapable part of life for every musician. Whether it’s a weekend here and there, or a three-month long stretch, touring is how musicians build a fanbase and make the bulk of their living. Even with the growth of the Internet and its associated disruptions of the music industry, touring isn’t going anywhere.

Roy Book Binder, master of the blues guitar and legendary raconteur who has played with Bonnie Raitt and Jorma Kaukonen, has been on the road for 45 years. “The Book,” as he’s called, left Greenwich Village in 1976 and never looked back. He travels for months at a time, playing gigs along the way, and lives out of his motorhome. Roy estimates that he has now played Caffe Lena a total of 44 times.

“Going home was not the way,” he says. “You got to live the life.”

This attitude shines through in Roy’s latest album, The Good Book. He is a performer at ease with the changing trends of each decade, letting the world move along as he continues to do what he loves. “If you believe in yourself… And have a dream, you must go for it.”

Performers like Roy are especially well equipped to adapt to new technologies like Concert Window. He has seen everything at this point. So, given a rare downtime at his home in Florida, he is looking forward to trying out a new tool for the touring musician.

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