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  • thatguitarman: The 7 seconds of continuous stream look good, Dean. But this theater is gonna have to equip with high speed internet.
  • nicmar: yea I know that, but on my laptop I am picking up nothing
  • Dave Love: She just needs to perform it in David Ippolito's Apartment.
  • nicmar: what I am seeing so far she is amazing as always!!!!
  • thatguitarman: Ha! (I actually have ridiculous upload speed here!!!)
  • nicmar: lucky!!!!
  • thatguitarman: Okay, we'll work it out for the next one.
  • Dave Love: Of course the theatre audience will be a little cramped in your bedroom...lol
  • thatguitarman: Good night guys. (Dean, let's talk tomorrow.)
  • thatguitarman: Break a leg, Duvall. And good luck with the new show!
  • joanne fish: Is it gone for good?
  • nicmar: :(
  • absesq: @Dave -- i'm logging off here in the theater....you are in the pilot's seat for the chat room.
  • nicmar: ok
  • Dave Love: Ok. Let me know when a replay will be.
  • duvallosteennyc@gmail.com: I am sooo sorry this isn't working
  • nicmar: no worries it's not your fault
  • Dave Love: Something is killing the bandwidth tonight. That you didn't encounter on the tests.
  • Babs: yes, I want a replay, too. you are superb, Duvall, but I cannot follow the plot.
  • nicmar: Wish her the best, and hopefully we can see it another way
  • Nuala: Hey Dean... Don't stress.. I know this is killing you. Just find a way of setting it up so we can see a recording some time soon x
  • Dave Love: Follow here and look for replay date.
  • Nuala: Will do
  • nicmar: Awesome
  • St31F1n3: I can tell the show is AWESOME! But I am also going to log off now and VERY MUCH look forward to a replay!
  • Dave Love: Yes, probably best to log off and catch it later.
  • Mimi: I'm still here... Maybe another date will help! This will give me time to tell more friends and family:)
  • Mimi: I'm watching on iPad
  • Dave Love: Concert Window is an awesome place to see performers from all over the country. WiFi issues at the venue are giving them technical difficulties tonight. Look for a replay and check out other artists, too.
  • Babs: yeaah I gotta log off too, Too diff to follow. when is the replay, Dean? Look forward to it.
  • Babs: will this be onYouTube??
  • Dave Love: Follow Duvall by clicking the Follow button above. They will announce a replay when they figure that out. It will be on Concert Window most likely.
  • Babs: don't see a 'follow' button, but 'following' and I'mnotpaying$8/mo to receive crap reception like this. I WANT DUVALL!!!
  • Dave Love: Dean is directing the show. So, he can not watch the chat right now. They will have to figure out how and when to replay the show. Technical Difficulties are a bummer.
  • Dave Love: If it says following, you are already following her.
  • cwsupport: The follow button is above the chat box.
  • Dave Love: This isn't a Concert Window problem, it is the theatre that they are in. They playback will be somewhere with a good WiFi signal.
  • Dave Love: The*
  • Dave Love: bummed. It looks like it is going well in the theater for what little I've seen, though.
  • Nuala: That's great to hear!
  • Babs: DUVALL is superb, but too distracting to watch with all this delayed and then repeated actions. want to see it/her when it's better tech wise.
  • Dave Love: Yep, the playback should be solid. They will probably hardwire to a high speed internet connection so there won't be this problem.
  • Dave Love: Sound is gone. I hope he is still getting it there.
  • frlo1963: Duvall is doing great!!
  • Dave Love: This nice thing about a playback is that Duvall could be in the chat, too!
  • Dave Love: I think the show is over, so I'm going to sign off. They probably need to get out of the theatre so they are probably too busy striking equipment to chat after the show. Keep watching her Concert Window site for updates on a replay of the show.
  • Nuala: Thank you
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