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  • scott: so much love in the atmosphere right now.
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  • Brooke: Mr. Rogers is on Amazon Prime, in case anyone is interested
  • Brooke: I mean, don't go watch right NOW, obviously...
  • Mitch: stephanie just rolled in from winnipeg to catch the show! she sends her love, eh
  • scott: hi mitch.
  • scott: you are 40 years old now.
  • Brooke: geez, you guys are so Canadian now
  • scott: nooooo!!!!!
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  • Brooke: well I guess that "sudden cutting out thing" is still an issue
  • Brooke: :(
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  • DK: dang...cut out again.
  • Mitch: censoring all the love...love you scotty. bye old man.
  • scott: same, dude.
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  • Brooke: i need to figure out how to do a clapping emoji thing here
  • Ben: LOL at Dustin describing the webpage surroundings in which he appears like a weatherman describing a stormfront moving thru.
  • Brooke: 75% chance of entertainment coming in from the north
  • Ben: 👆🏼👏🏻
  • Ben: Well, update: emojis don't work.
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  • scott: hey deuce.
  • scott: you are playing to 15 sixth graders right now.
  • scott: they couldn't be more apathetic about it.
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  • scott: excellent...
  • scott: you sound great, dude...
  • scott tipped $10!
  • scott: get it.
  • Mitch: haha, lovely...comedy for the students!
  • scott: oh yeah... they did get into that last one as i lectured them about the song.... and what it meant to ME... and so on.
  • scott: sounded great, deuce.
  • scott: see you next week!

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