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  • Fingers Crossed - FULL BAND, LIVE IN NASHVILLE

    This show was on Nov 9th, 2018 | 58 people watched
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    • Nov 9
      Thanks, Derek. I just told my family and friends two weeks ago about no longer believing and being in a poly relationship, and your songs have hit harder than ever. Thank you for giving a place to express that grief and a way to better understand it. But also, thank you for sharing those teasers for #Targets. I'm currently in the grief state, but I'm grateful it's a good grief, and that there's hope that comes because of it. Anyway, y'all rocked, keys we're solid, and your friend who you called by the wrong name killed on the set. Thanks for being awesome, thanks for doing what you do.
    • Nov 10
      Derek, you continue to over-sing. Stop yelling your your songs at the audience, as you further separate yourself from them. Use the mic. Sing softly often so that the louds carry weight. Embrace silence. i didn’t feel as if you were really “present” during your time of sharing on stage/camera. Were you?
    • Nov 13
      Loved hearing the new stuff! Great show
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  • Online House Show (Random songs + Requests)

    This show was on Nov 19th, 2015 | 90 people watched
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    • Nov 20
      What was your favorite part of the performance? Derek played out song request, "Please, Before I Go". It was great! That song came out the year we got married. Now hearing and singing along to it as we hold our first child was just awesome.
    • Nov 20
      I appreciate your explanations behind your songs and how they communicate your life. You only did this once, for Zeroes and Ones (probably in order to prioritize singing over talking for the short 60 minute set), but I would gladly listen to a 90 minute show if it had 15-20 minutes of "behind the song" monologuing.
    • Nov 23
      I bought a ticket but couldn't watch a download available?
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singer / songwriter / producer / remixer / entrepreneur / agitator


singer / songwriter / producer / remixer / entrepreneur / agitator


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