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  • Maria: PERFECT!
  • Incipit9: Good night folks..Stay frosty.
  • Laura Beranek: Thank you to everyone responsible for bringing this to us online.
  • Narnia0312: AWESOME
  • CookRocks08: Thank you so much David
  • LightNeverCould11 tipped $2!
  • SLPtime026: Thanks Dave Jeff Sam and Ian!!
  • JGal01: Loved the show David. Awesome.
  • Marie7: Priceless. Thank you David. You are an angel.
  • s2g2: Thanks David & band for an amazing show!!!!!
  • 03pattie1972: Goodnight everyone..Thank you for the amazing show David!
  • kwoznicki: Love the new song.
  • Cbjaymes: Thanks a million for the live stream and new music...see you in Cincinnati! ♡♡♡♡
  • Dreamydraw34: Thanks so much David for this beautiful rockin show. Have a great race on Sunday -- love ya btw "New guys" are awesome
  • gsob822: Thanks for the great show, David! Love the new song, and it was good to hear the old stuff too! Have a great race on Sunday!
  • na40i@yahoo.com: Another fantastic concert!! Thank You!
  • Jessica.burdess: Is there a way to rewatch this?
  • nuncapense: LOVEEEEEEE. And I need the new song ASAP thanks
  • hummingbird: It was great seeing so many familiar names here and some not so familiar. Goodnight everyone.
  • karenc3: Goodnight
  • JennyKeev tipped $20!
  • Laura Beranek: Goodnight everyone!
  • karenc3: I cant' wait until the new song comes out
  • CloseYourEyes: Can we have a replay PLEASE? #GimmeHeartbreak
  • renosnow: Thanks everyone for being my virtual concert buddies for the night! :)
  • david_truths: Concert Window still has my name from the old website and I don't know how to change that to my new name on the newer DC website (CooksKW_fan). I'll have to try and figure out how to change that.
  • Dampat19@gmail.com: Awesome, it was awesome!!!
  • david_truths: The concert was great. Really like the new song. The Foo Fighters cover and the Fleetwood Mac cover were awesome, too.
  • david_truths: Oh, and I can't forget to give a shout out for finally performing "Breathe Tonight" again. That's one of my favorite David songs.
  • Starzy11: Love Gimme Heartbreak! Thank you David for offering a live stream to those of us who couldn't be there in person to support this epic event! You continue to amaze me, not just as an artist but also as a person. I seriously Love you!
  • ninji27: Such a great way to spend my Friday evening. Great cause and Great concert. Thank you David Cook <3
  • Incipit9: Used to be, Erica...South Jersey
  • EricaLuvsDC: IM NORTHERN
  • Incipit9: Also cool.
  • EricaLuvsDC: NIGHT ALL
  • Incipit9: CYE I wanna put it on a loop,and hear it without the hiccups from tonight. it is Killer. Dead Bang in love with the song.
  • victoriahamilton22@gmail.com: I can't believe I missed this show,
  • victoriahamilton22@gmail.com: I just found out about it. Wish there was a recording I could watch and pay for.

Past shows

  • TCDR - Total Request David Cook (Race for Hope Benefit Concert)

    This show was on May 5th, 2017 | 438 people watched
    69 Comments - See all
    • May 7
      Thank you David for an amazing concert. It was such a treat to hear your new single Gimme Heartbreak before it was released. Hope it comes out real "soon". Can't wait to see you in concert this summer in Richmond, Virginia.
    • May 8
      My favorite part was David Cook. He always impresses. I really appreciate the fact that he did a Total Request and worked so hard to learn those songs. And with new bandmates, yet. The band sounded very good and the background vocals sounds great. Great Job! Loved it. What I did not love was my screen freezing up a million times. The soound was great and the video was great too but when the screen continually freezes up, it really jacks with the continuity.
    • May 8
      The whole show was great, loved the setlist! David never disappoints. Concertwindow, however, again I was disappointed with the webcast. I kept having to refresh, it kept stopping and starting. I didn't get to watch any song in full, that's how bad it was. My internet isn't that slow either. I know that other fans - here in Asia, in the UK, and various parts of the US, had the same problems I did. Some kept getting kicked out. Some couldn't get more than a few seconds of continuous play. Please do something about it. If you can't deliver a decent webcast then perhaps at least offer the chance to watch after the fact?
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  • David Cook

    This show was on Apr 30th, 2016 | 402 people watched
    125 Comments - See all
    • May 16
      I DID NOT GET TO WATCH THE CAST!!!! I have e mailed you like 4 times about this and no reply!!!
    • May 16
      There were technical issues and I did not get to see the cast. You charged me twice for nothing!!!! Refund.
    • May 5
      Instead of fixing my lost feed - I was instructed to purchase another ticket! I'll just donate more to ABC2!!!
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Join David and his band for this Total Request benefit concert in support of his 2017 Race for Hope Team for a Cure!


Sitting outside a Nashville coffee shop soaking up the sunshine on a golden Indian summer afternoon, David Cook wears the contented smile of an artist in the midst of a creative renaissance. Much has happened since he won the seventh season of American... more

Join David and his band for this Total Request benefit concert in support of his 2017 Race for Hope Team for a Cure!


Sitting outside a Nashville coffee shop soaking up the sunshine on a golden Indian summer afternoon, David Cook wears the contented smile of an artist in the midst of a creative renaissance. Much has happened since he won the seventh season of American Idol in 2008 and subsequently made chart history with a record-breaking 14 debuts on Billboard’s Digital Songs chart.

These days the talented rocker with the fiery vocals and searing songwriting skills has entered an exciting new chapter marked by a newfound creative freedom and the maturity that comes with having a lot of life thrown at you. In the wake of Idol, Cook endured an emotional rollercoaster marked by career highs mixed with the devastating personal tragedy of losing his beloved brother Adam to brain cancer. He toured relentlessly and released his second RCA Records album, 'This Loud Morning', but when the dust settled, he found himself craving a major change. He discovered what he was looking for in Nashville’s songwriting community and relocated to Music City in June 2012.

Cook is currently working on music for a new album. Having exited RCA after 'This Loud Morning', he’s reveling in the creative freedom he enjoyed for years as a successful indie artist long before he ever hit the Idol stage. “It’s nice to work on the record and take time to write and take some off and play shows,” Cook says. “I like to be busy. The last year has been spent getting acclimated to Nashville, getting into writing circles here, writing for other artists and trying to find time to work on my project.”

Cook’s latest project is Cook’s 11th album and he’s enjoying this new season. “If every record is a tight rope walk, this one doesn’t have a safety net,” he says with a grin. “I’m excited about it because if you’re not willing to take the bumps and bruises that come along with maybe falling on your ass every once in a while, then you don’t really deserve the rewards that come along with it on the other end. I’m enjoying the gamble. This is what it is. I’m throwing it out there. Hopefully people will love it and want to come along for the ride and have as much fun as we’re having.”


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