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  • Darryl Purpose & Band live from Folk Alliance in Kansas City

    This show was on Feb 21st, 2016 | 28 people watched
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  • Darryl Purpose

    This show was on Feb 20th, 2016 | 74 people watched
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    • Feb 21
      Loved the show Darryl! Thanks for the invite. Such a special treat to hear some of the new songs live. You and the band sounded wonderful. And totally unexpected to hear Tracy, too! Thanks again. Loved it! Candace Faunce
    • Feb 21
      Great to see this live link. Totally Very Special! (Especially when they knocked the camera over!) Blessings, Steve Ruby
    • Feb 21
      Great to hear the songs live with slightly different instrermentation-sound. I've been listening to the abum pre-release. These songs are now running through my head as I go about my day-much like the Next Time Around songs did. The DP-Blue Rock-Zollo magic continues for this listener.
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