Christa Gniadek


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  • tomnovakjr: cccccccccccccccc
  • TonGeneral: Beautiful!
  • johnshearadio: Who produced it?
  • TonGeneral: wow
  • Menni: This one feels very snowy/winterish.
  • TonGeneral: Unfortunately I have to go. I hope you will be back, enjoyed it very much! Beautiful songs, beautiful voice
  • johnshearadio: If you’re doing some slow songs could you play Struggle?
  • tomnovakjr bought reward: "4 unreleased acoustic tracks"
  • tomnovakjr: Thanks again!!
  • Menni: yay
  • tomnovakjr tipped $4!
  • Menni: Oh those nights when Simon meowed to this.
  • tomnovakjr: Beauty and depth, lovely, your songs. Nice smile, you . . . :) Take care, come back as soon as you wish, always a treat . . . . . .
  • Menni: Thank you for this one! And no one is forcing you to read the chat.
  • Menni: while playing
  • johnshearadio: You can swear too :) the f’ing string broke
  • Menni: Just smash the f'ing guitar at the end of this gig.
  • johnshearadio: I’d tip $1000 to see that
  • johnshearadio: Not the f’ing Martin of course
  • Menni: fuck no
  • johnshearadio: It is better
  • Menni: What, you were swearing at the tuna?
  • johnshearadio: I think you said shit at TTs
  • Menni: Amsterdam, yes
  • Menni: until sunrise
  • johnshearadio: David Gray
  • Menni: I just hope you remember where i live once those cds & lyric sheets get sent ;).
  • johnshearadio: Love the cd artwork!
  • Menni: Kickstarter sent me a survey for that, to which i replied (Just World, naturally). That was two years ago, time flies doesn't it! We were chatting actually, at the moment the Kickstarter finally made it.
  • Menni: Take your time, no rush. This just makes me realize how much your life/living situation has changed recently. So much more than mine :).
  • johnshearadio: What key is the squeak in?
  • Menni: I honestly think the new songs have turned out better than i had expected.
  • erhfiw: hi coo
  • christa: hi!!!
  • Menni: Hard Summer, of course. Don't forget the new album is still new to listeners like m :).
  • Menni: *me
  • erhfiw bought reward: "4 unreleased acoustic tracks"
  • Menni: Thanks for playing again on here. Magical memories, fun future.
  • Hilltop Sunset: I WAS AT A SHOW I MISSED IT aw man.
  • Menni: Would love to see you more often again as well, but last time you said this exact same thing was a year ago ;).
  • christa: Hey! We JUST talked about what my last year was like! give me a second chance :) :)
  • Menni: Hey, would i be here if i didn't? :)
  • christa: Hahahaha
  • christa: )
  • amanda31454: hey dear, i'm Amanda, please rate my private photos here -

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currently living in LA :)


currently living in LA :)


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