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  • Todd: Where is he from?
  • bohozone: Colin is from Lancaster, I believe. He was going to bring a bandmate, but that mate is doing a play in Philadelphia this weekend.
  • Todd: Like a symphony by one person, very talented ..
  • bohozone: I think he shares elements with Jeff Buckley, Radiohead...
  • bohozone: Music Friday parade passing down Prince.
  • Todd: We were saying the same thing about Jeff Buckley (and Tim), and a little bit of Nina Simone ...
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  • bohozone: Thank you for the tip, marykoumjian. We send much love.
  • Todd tipped $10!
  • bohozone: Apologies for low view. I'll adjust now.
  • bohozone: Greetings. This is PoetryZone 10.
  • bohozone: Jocelyn Park is co-founder of Lancaster Transplant (there's more information in this Facebook event).
  • bohozone:
  • bohozone: Please feel free to comment.
  • bohozone: Anyone who's remaining: thank you for tuning in. Go to our site, or Facebook page, and follow. Enjoy the night...
  • Todd tipped $10!
  • bohozone: Welcome.
  • Todd: Fascinating!
  • Todd: Almost has a flamenco percussion style; very unique
  • Todd tipped $15!
  • Todd tipped $5!
  • Todd: Excellent concert!!
  • Todd: Howdy!
  • Todd: yes a big fan ..
  • bohozone: Signed vinyls are $16, BTW.
  • Todd tipped $16!
  • Todd: I want that vinyl! His new one with the tic cover
  • Todd: A blues train coming down the tracks ...
  • Todd tipped $20!
  • Todd: clap clap
  • Todd: Thanks John! Great concert, I want to hear more ...
  • Todd: Great night!!
  • Todd: Both performers were unique and very talented. If you ask what my favorite was, I would say the first performer and his ability to be percussive and carry the melody on the guitar strings.
  • bohozone: Greetings. Please let us know, if you like, where you're watching from.
  • bohozone: Here's event link.
  • bohozone:
  • bohozone: Happy Music Friday. Tonight we have Grateful Dead, blues. Check out BohoZone on Facebook for more information. Show scheduled beginning time: 530PM...
  • Todd tipped $20!
  • bohozone: Steal your face right off your head: inspiration for Steal Your Face (an interesting Dead element).
  • bohozone: Thank you for starting with He's Gone.
  • bohozone: More fun facts: Game of Thrones makers love Bob Weir. Can you name the reference? Song #2: Dire Wolf.
  • Todd: clap clap!
  • bohozone: Coming right back on...
  • bohozone: Should be back on now.

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