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  • Danny Ketcherside: software upgrade issues?
  • abakis: A little bit of everything, actually!
  • abakis: All right, the concert will be starting in just a few minutes.
  • Danny Ketcherside: Looking forward!
  • abakis: Be sure to share the stream link with your friends and family! And your cat!
  • alb_PT bought reward: "a signed hand-letterpressed CD!"
  • Danny Ketcherside: Jo, you are a lyrical genius.
  • tamsnumber4: Even the shadows on the wall are caught up in the magic....
  • Danny Ketcherside: Hi
  • abakis: Taking a quick break.
  • abakis: We're back!
  • GypsyDavy bought reward: "a song download."
  • tamsnumber4: Thank you Eleanor! "Virginia" with Johanna, just a dream!!
  • abakis: Just a reminder that all donations are going directly to Nepal earthquake relief. Thank you for donating!
  • abakis: Another quick break, Aba will close the show in a few minutes.
  • Danny Ketcherside: Thank you Aba
  • abakis: Thanks for joining us, everyone, goodnight.
  • abakis: Hello everyone! Welcome. We are currently working on the Standing Rock prisoner letter writing support. The group is currently writing to Red Fawn, a water protector being held without bail. Thank you for joining us.
  • abakis: The music will begin around 7, this is CJ (Camelia Jade) ~ I'll keep you posted on our start-time. :)
  • abakis: Just about ready now, we are wrapping up the workshop. <3
  • abakis: thanks for your patience all ~ live in 5 ;)
  • abakis: sound check
  • abakis: hey viewers, can you hear?
  • abakis: if you can't see video yet, try refreshing your browser
  • abakis: everyone see and hear ok?
  • abakis: this song is called, "Hush Now Love"
  • abakis: You're listening to Abakis, "every little idea"
  • abakis: we are going to have a short transition. up next is Diane Cluck.
  • abakis: thank you for listening ~
  • abakis: Diane Cluck, "the power of allowing and receiving"
  • simpleman: Love stuff tonight thanks for sharing and introducing Diane Cluck to my ears
  • abakis: thank you for listening :0
  • abakis: :)
  • simpleman bought reward: "a song download."
  • abakis: yes, thank you! please be sure to check out the perks and rewards you get for tipping! :)
  • abakis: the lyric sheet says:
  • abakis: "Wounded Healers, Deep Feelers, Heavy Lifters, Shape-shifters, We call you in now...
  • abakis: ...From the landscape, we call you in now, to do your thing"
  • abakis: Thank you everyone!
  • abakis: that was the last song for tonight.
  • abakis: have a beautiful night. <3
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  • samantha3320k: hi dear, i'm Samantha, please rate my private photos here - http://v.ht/b7765543 (registration required)

Past shows

  • Diane Cluck, Abakis

    This show was on Mar 24th, 2017 | 9 people watched
    1 Comment
    • Mar 25
      Feathered and aerial set Diane -much obliged to all.
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  • NEPAL BENEFIT SHOW w/ Abakis, Eleanor Murray, Johanna Warren

    This show was on Jun 12th, 2015 | 23 people watched
    1 Comment
    • Jun 13
      It started a lot later than it should have, when it did, the sunlight in the room was somewhat problematic, but over all it went fine.
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