Swear and Shake

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  • SnS PledgeMusic – Sydney Rhame at 8 – Swear and Shake at 8:30)

    This show was on Jun 3rd, 2016 | 11 people watched
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    • Jun 3
      Great show guys! So I had a pretty rotten week at work, but I looked forward to this show since you announced it. I really, really appreciate you making it available to the folks that pledged. it really means a lot! Hope you feel better Kari!
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  • Swear and Shake

    This show was on Aug 21st, 2014 | 60 people watched
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    • Aug 22
      It was great. They are an amazing band and the quality of their performance was as good as it gets. The concert window stream was excellent as well!!! great job by all!!!
    • Aug 22
      it was great!
    • Aug 22
      Such a fun bad. It helps that their music is phenomenally good! Making good out of a bad sitch in my hometown. #brokendowntourvan #lovem
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