Doug MacLeod

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  • Doug MacLeod Concert at The Bugle Boy

    This show was on Aug 21st, 2015 | 18 people watched
    • Aug 21
      well it's 9h20 pm and we haven't got anything yet on the screen... ??
    • Aug 21
      the music
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  • Doug MacLeod

    This show was on Aug 8th, 2014 | 48 people watched
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    • Aug 21
      I am a member of Doug MacLeod team, it's been 7 years that I am following him, as a fan, and great friend. He is simply the best in his genre! Mario Pronovost - Graphic Designer and Webmaster for Doug MacLeod.
    • Aug 21
      Good going Mario. I've been following Doug for 48 years, since we were both in the navy in Norlfolk, VA.
    • Aug 21
      ahhh!!! My Godness that's fantastic!!! M
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