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  • John Fannon / Krista Baroni opens

    This show was on Aug 2nd, 2014 | 21 people watched
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    • Aug 3
      John was awesome as usual as I have seen some of John performances via you tube clips but not a complete live concert and was really looking forward to it, the video was very good but the audio was awefull sounding fuzzy then when John came on stage as the headliner the first 2 chords of the Infamous Don't Ever Wanna Loose Ya were heard then a black screen video and audio lost with a streaming error we were in a chat and everyone had the same exact issue so it could haven't been our ISP this was disappointing we contact tech support and they told us to refresh we did and the concert came back but about 1/3 into it it happened again black screen with streaming error however refreshing ddi nothing to alliate the issue regardless we all missed the rest of John performance It was a big let down As far as John I would hope to have the opportunity to see him live sometime in the future again soon I really wanted to see it tonight. Thank You John for all your effort and doing this for your remote fans that cant make it to Mass... dennis
    • Aug 3
      The performances of the two artists were excellent. The video quality was very, very good. However, the audio was ATROCIOUS!!!! The audio sounded "over-modulated". It was painful to hear. I disconnected soon after it started; it was THAT bad. You asked for a review....
    • Aug 3
      This is not a one star review for the performers. This is a one star review for CONCERT WINDOW. The feed from Club Passim was beyond a horror show - yes, we could "see" the artists (when the feed wasn't being completely lost, which happened frequently), but the SOUND of the feed was putrid - distorted and unintelligible at times. Incredibly disappointed for THAT reason and THAT reason alone. John & Krista were fine. CONCERT WINDOW is a JOKE. I will NEVER use this service again. EVER.
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